If you want to buy or sell almost anything you can think of, you can do it on Vivastreet. It’s been around 10 years and operates all over the world. If you want to rent an apartment in Brazil, you can. Fancy buying a cat in Sussex? We’ve got you covered. Looking for love in Paris? Log on and start searching.

Vivastreet brings together buyers and sellers of a huge variety of different things. The best bit? You can do it for free.

EasyRoommate does what it says on the tin. Makes it easy to find a roommate. Launched in 1999, and it’s still growing. What it does is simple. It provides a platform for people who want to rent a room to find people who want to rent a room. That’s it. It was the first in the market to offer this and as sale prices for houses continue to go through the roof, it’s as relevant as it ever was. Young professionals can’t afford to buy nowadays. They have to rent, and most chose to share to reduce costs. EasyRoommate lets those people talk to each other in a fun, friendly and easy way.

Ziipr is a gay dating/hook up app we launched in France and other countries soon. The market already has some very strong players. We're doing things differently by making the app free. This will completely shake up the market and give Ziipr the foundations to steal market share and succeed. Ziipr has run focus groups and listened to the problems people have with the current apps. Ziipr has created something that fixes those problems and changes everything by making it free to use.